A Time of Profound Grace

In some circles February is called the month of the love. Here at Gloria Dei we take it very seriously. This month we celebrated our traditional night for couples. This is an exclusive time for that person we love. This was a special night where around 20 couples of Gloria Dei and First Lutheran enjoyed a time of sharing a delicious dish, beautiful live music, a dance time, fun moment, etc. We are very grateful for those people who made possible this great celebration to the love.

Epiphany is over and let me continuing emphasizing about our journey that the church calls Lent. This season of reflection, re-evaluation and reconciliation starts with Ash Wednesday this March 5th. Please come at 7:00 PM. And remember who you are. We are planning our traditional Midweek Series every Wednesday at 7 p.m. for five weeks. The topic of the series will be: Making Change. Lent is a time of profound grace and we are invited to let the grace sink in, take root and change us. We are invited, in this holy season, to be stripped down and cleanse for all the obstacles that keep us from seeing our true selves clearly; stripped down so that we may come to understand more powerfully the love of God who embraces all of who we are.

Every Wednesday we want to create a quiet, relax and informal moment where everyone can share freely in community without any kind of intimidation their journey in how we have been dealing with important changes in our life. We want to share where has been God in those moments. We want to hear what has been the role of the prayer or any other spiritual discipline in that process.

Also we want to explore during this very important season those changing that we have experience in the past years as a community of faith here at Gloria Dei. And to know some area where Gloria Dei needs to experience some change now or in the near future? So, we encourage you to participate in full to experience the presence of God individually and in community during Lent season.

Yours in Christ,
Pr. Santiago

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