Getting to Know: Akisch Lenus

When you first meet, Akisch Lenus, the first thing you will notice is his friendly smile, sense of humor and the way his faith is reflected in every part of his life. Akisch Lenus has been attending Gloria Dei Church since he was a young boy. He grew up with a many of he other youth on Sears Ave and he has a lot of great memories of Gloria Dei youth hour. Akisch’s family attended another church but he loved Gloria Dei so much that he would go to church all day on Sunday so that he could attend both services. Many of Akisch’s age group of mostly young boys went through confirmation class together and had some very deep discussions as their teacher, Richard Johnson challenged them to grow in their faith. Other favorite memories were playing foursquare in the vestry and of course the epic summers at Glory Days Day Camp.

Akisch’s family later moved back to their home in St. Maarten and he finished high school on the island. Akisch made sure to come back to be a counselor at Day Camp whenever he could make it back to Providence and when it came time to apply for colleges, Akisch chose Johnson & Wales and was awarded a scholarship from St. Maarten. In Akisch’s words, “God is good, for real” He is the one that made the way for Akisch to be able to come back to Providence and back to Gloria Dei.

During his time at JWU, Akisch has been busy. He has volunteered almost every single Friday and Wednesday night to be the youth’s favorite leader- teaching the gospel and providing a safe and positive environment for the next generation of youth hour attendees. Also, Akisch along with family and friends has created a line of clothing called Love Trust Loyalty, which aims to give young people fashionable clothing that will “inspire each person to maximize their greatest potential”. Love trust Loyalty, or LTL has become an international trend with people wearing the clothing in 4 continents around the world. One of their recent campaigns is to inspired people to Be Great and Do Great. His most recent design has Matthew 6:33 on the shirts. As LTL fans all know, LTL “is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle”. Akisch graduated from Johnson & Wales on May 24th. We’re blessed to have him as a part of our community and church and we wish him the best as he continues to share his faith and inspire people all over the world!

By Cassandra Chavez

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