Borderlands Churches

What an exciting trip to New York! As an expression of work in community, First Lutheran from East Greenwich, RI, Grace Lutheran from Hartford, Conn. and Gloria Dei from Providence, RI. traveled to New York for a weekend to be in conversation with “borderlands churches.”

We learned a lot what a church in the borderlands in the big city looks like. The idea of borderlands provides a helpful way of understanding where ministry should take place. It is that strange place of engagement where the “holy wild” God is encountered in risky borderland living. During this trip our conversation was focused on the practice of ministry by taking the church into the streets, neighborhoods, and work places.

We must move from “come to” to “go to” models of being the church. We came convinced that it is impossible to be effective as the church without crossing boundaries of comfort, culture, and convenience. The group described this experience as one of hope, community, and love.

We praise the Lord for this wonderful time together!

Yours in Christ,
Pr. Santiago

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