October 2014 Reminder

October 2014 Reminder Newsletter October 2014 Reminder Newsletter (Spanish) Have you been away at camp? Visiting relatives? Taking a break from church for one reason or another? Welcome Back to Church at 10:15 a.m.in English and 1:30 a.m. in Spanish. Surprises are in store for everyone. And – a special gift for you at worship, Do you want your children learn how to love God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength? more…

June 2014 Reminder

June 2014 Reminder Newsletter Glory Days Summer Service Camp July 14-18th The Glory Days Summer Service Camp is looking for support to continue its ministry to the urban youth of Providence summer camp program focused around Christian service. This camp will be a one week summer day camp ministry for children ages 6-15. It will also include a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program for youth ages 16 and 17. The camp will take place The camp theme more…

May 2014 Reminder

A BIG THANK YOU is extended to all who helped to make the yard sale a success, especially to the following people who worked so diligently to organize it: Mercedes, Rafy and Alex, Esperanza y Ester, Margarita y Timoteo, Anlley Acosta, Elvis, Mike Torino, Sandra, Rafaelina, Gerson, Maria y Beato, Lucy, Pilar and Reyna. A grand total of $1,133 was raised. ANOTHER YARD SALE IS PLANNED FOR THE SUMMER. Please set aside any items that you plan to contribute and ask family and friends to do the same.
God’s Blessings!

April 2014 Reminder

April 2014 Reminder Newsletter We continue our Lent journey through Holy Week and Easter. Yes, praise the Lord Easter is coming soon! Get ready for Gloria Dei’s celebration this April 20th. This is a wonderful occasion for baptism; so, if you are planning your baptism or your baby’s baptism, please let me know than soon is possible.