We are a CONFESSING church

We confess to not having all the answers.

We pray for the catholic church, that is, for the whole church in all its differences, and similarities and brokenness.

We pray for and with Adventists, Baptists, Congregationalists, Covenanters, Disciples, Episcopalians, Friends , Lutherans , Mennonites, Methodists, Orthodox Christians, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Reformed Christians, and Roman Catholics.

We pray for and with those who gather in cities and suburbs, storefronts and street corners, in homes, small churches and large ones, in hospital chapels, stadiums, and cathedrals… wherever they meet and confess Jesus as Lord.

As Lutherans, we are imbedded joyfully and simply within this beautiful mix of believers, not always certain of our identity, but always clear that:

We believe in the centrality of Jesus, as our Lord and Savior.

The Hebrew Scriptures (The First Testament) and the New Testament, what we refer to as the Bible, is the source of our understanding of our loving God.
It is here that we find the living truth, truth that is speaking to us even now as it breaks into our current lives and history, shattering old ways of thinking and creating new life, values, commitments and action.

We confess that we are sinners and saints, both at the same time, and we live with so many paradoxes… so many seemingly contradictory understandings.
We embrace the symbol of the cross.

For it is here on the cross that God meets us… is present … hidden in weakness, vulnerable, suffering, forsaken and dying.

And it is this loving God who seeks us, loves us, forgives and redeems us.

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