Getting to Know: Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson has been a lifelong member of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. She is of Swedish ancestry like the founders of Gloria Dei. She has not only participated in church groups since childhood but also as an adult has been a member of the Adult Choir and in numerous other leadership positions.

She was the first president of our Endowment Fund and directed the writing of its constitution, which helped secure the growth of the fund to over a million dollars. Within the years of the Endowment’s existence, she served a number of times as its president and member. Jeanie also served on the Church Council and orchestrated the weekly coffee-hour schedule, which she still does!

When members hadn’t volunteered, Jeanie provided the coffee and brunch items. On Sunday mornings, she has always set-up the Eucharist and kept the Communion cabinet well-stocked. She has chaired the International Night Celebration, bought supplies for the Easter breakfast, and ordered the Easter lilies each year. Also, she volunteered her services for years as a nurse for the Glory Days Summer Camp Program.

To those members of Gloria Dei, past and present, who were or are in nursing homes or to those who have been hospitalized, she has been and continues to be a visitor one can count on. While Jeanie is a devoted mother and grandmother, wife of Richard Johnson, and former pediatric nurse, she has committed herself unselfishly to Gloria Dei in endless ways. Her loving kindness and warmth radiates to all members young or old, and especially to new members and visitors.

Jeanie Johnson is a hero of faith in action.

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