Hearts & Minds Renewed in the Lord

We continue our Lent journey through Holy Week and Easter. Yes, praise the Lord Easter is coming soon! Get ready for Gloria Dei’s celebration this April 20th. This is a wonderful occasion for baptism; so, if you are planning your baptism or your baby’s baptism, please let me know than soon is possible.

Our Midweek services as part of our Lent season have been very inspirational. With an attendance in between 30 to 50 people full of enthusiasm, sharing their stories of how God has been present in those inevitable changes in their lives. We want to highlight the powerful testimonies of Jeanne and Akish. Also at the moment I am writing this note, Lydia and the Sister Dede are getting ready to share their spiritual journey with the people of God. Take your part in this important moment of the year and join us every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. when a delicious soup is waiting for you.

Let us strive to live a holy life as we journey throughout this Season of Lent. As we do, may it lead us to be mindful of the reality around us, our identity and our mission. I pray for a holy, prayerful and fruitful Lenten journey. May we reach Easter with hearts and minds renewed in the Lord! Amen.

Yours in Christ, Pr. Santiago

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