We are an IMMIGRANT church

We come from far and wide - with longing and hope for a new future

We come from far and wide – with longing and hope for a new future

We first came from Sweden; we worked at the mills, we sought a new way of life.

We worked hard, moving from place to place before we were ready or able to build a special building of “Thanksgiving” for all that we had found and become.

We wanted it to symbolize the faith that set us free, and the stories we all brought with us from our land and its culture.

Today’s Gloria Dei is the same; we come from far and wide, with longing and hope for a new future, just like those who came before.

Yet, we come from many places, all over the world.  We are working hard, moving from place to place, looking for security and new hope for our families and, in many ways, mostly for our children.

We are twenty plus countries strong; we come from Angola, Liberia, Tanzania, and Portugal; from Germany, Haiti, Jamaica, and Britain, from Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Mexico… and yes, other places, too.

And, we reach out to our brothers and sisters from all faiths, from all places, from far and near; we are an immigrant church.  We welcome all who come no matter how different they are from us, for we deeply understand that it is our uniqueness, our stories and our struggles that bring us to this church to seek and to find, to love and to serve and to remind us every day that we are all God’s children and that we support, care for and love one another!

We are immigrants… just as He was; we are safe together, we are hopeful together; we celebrate our differences and believe that we were made to be that way, in the image of the Creator.  We are an immigrant church – you can see it in our faces.   Thanks be to God!

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