June 2014 Reminder

June 2014 Reminder Newsletter

Glory Days Summer Service Camp July 14-18th

The Glory Days Summer Service Camp is looking for support to continue its ministry to the urban youth of Providence summer camp program focused around Christian service. This camp will be a one week summer day camp ministry for children ages 6-15. It will also include a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program for youth ages 16 and 17. The camp will take place

The camp theme and curriculum will focus on service. As campers learn about God’s call to serve others, activity will focus around service in the community. Glory Days will build on existing relationships with non-profits serving the city of Providence. Depending on age, we estimate campers will be able to provide between 3-10 hours of service during the week. Along with staff, we will provide 450-475 service hours to the city during one week! This will be a powerful contribution from a group of young people!

About half of the camp day will be devoted to traditional camp actives such as music, singing, arts and crafts, games and outdoor play. Glory Days is also committed to providing two healthy snacks and one nutritionally balanced lunch to campers. Glory Days campers can look forward to week filled with active service, fun activities, and a strong sense of purpose and community.

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