Memories & Celebrations

July closed with a bang! 70 children having gathered for two weeks of mayhem, fun and exuberance; a noticeably exhausted team crafted and delivered another chapter in the annals of Glory Days Camp history. Congratulations to all who made this living dream possible, and for all those who were in the planning trenches, and in the sandboxes with the wonderful children and families that participated.

And, thanks to Leonardo and the other musicians who heralded in the first of a new monthly concert series that gives back to the Music School as a means to build it forward. The music was memorable, the concert another, new beginning. Thanks to the very talented leaders of our day camp and concert offering, as so many are connected with the very special Step Up Center Music School!

Along the way, we neglected an event of mammoth consequence and importance. Pastor Santiago completed his tenth year, not simply with Gloria Dei, but as the pastor for this rowdy flock. Ten years in leadership of this remarkable, diverse and historic church and faith community. On August 18th, Gloria Dei will herald in its first Field and Worship Day… combining worship, fun and play with a celebration and appreciation for Pastor Rodriguez’s loving, nurturing and welcoming life force.

While we might think that August will give us some respite, both pastors will be supporting First Lutheran’s Pastor Linda by sitting in for her as she takes some much deserved time off. Pastor Santiago will take two Saturdays and Sundays and Pastor Rick, one. Pastor Rick in July managed to preside at Good Shepherd in North Kingston and Immanuel in Attleboro.

One last thought, Jesus calls us to a unity that is not often found in the world in which we live. What we continue to hear and see about our world can be disheartening, if not disturbing. Yet, planning will be in motion in August for another of our famous International Night celebrations; we will gather once more in all our different clothes, music, foods, dances and stories to celebrate who we are and our differences. This is what God had in mind. And, God is good… all of the time. God is good!

Blessings everyone!
Pastor Santiago and Pastor Rick

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