We are a MULTI-CULTURAL church

Following the example of our Lord and Savior, we value the innocence, the earnestness and the energy of our children.

It is nice to come to church and find more children than adults; this happens at Gloria Dei – not every Sunday, or every day, but it happens.

Our Glory Days Camp has for twenty years been a special part of summer, from the gathering of the counselors and counselors-in-training with the staff, to the opening day’s craziness, the smiles on everyone’s faces and the joy in the hearts of the children attending.

There is music, and dance, food and celebrations, for we know how “God is good all of the time”; for “all of the time, God is good.”  Parent participation, teachers of creative arts, a music ensemble, all those crazy activities. And, the time to remember who blesses us in all this.

Talent Shows, Friday Nights, Wednesday Bible Studies, performances at other venues for other children and adults.  Our church is full of youth – kids who have made a conscious choice.  They are here instead of there.

From the children’s sermon, to a family dialogue, and going out into the community to support our kids in school – advocating for them with other organizations and officials, and their parents; we love children.

Our kids are safe, because we make sure they are.  They make lots of noise, and sometimes, they are very quiet.  They play and pray, every day.  Play and pray.
Our children are special, and we want them to know that.  They lead, they develop, they grow and they follow.

And they dance, break-dancing, rapping, singing and playing.  They are emcees, comics, and seriously playful.  They are a gift of grace to each of us and to our church.

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