Remembering, changing, and looking forward

A large number of us gathered on the third Sunday of August to give thanks to our beloved Pastor, to hear the first Keila Rodriguez sermon at Gloria Dei, and to listen to the “living cloud of witnesses” to the work of Santiago and his remarkable family.  They are a family in mission, and they are still serving.  Faithfulness is the witness, and relationship the model!

Lots of great partnering has been done with our Sister/Partner First Lutheran; a series of organ concerts are in deep planning, with the first already announced.  The first concert features organ and brass, flyers are printed and being distributed.  A wider Email distribution is in the offing.  This is a very exciting time.  Thanks to Dede, and other members of the partnership team involved in preparing for this wonderful fund-raiser.  A group representing Gloria Dei and Glory Days Camp visited St. Andrews thanking them for their support.  We have some real partners working with us.

The pastors took on “supply” roles with First Lutheran earned $ 900 for Gloria Dei and got to know and meet many of the people at our partner church.  We hope to see Pastor Linda at Gloria Dei preaching soon, too.

International Night is in view and preparations are in full gear.  New table decorations are in hand, and a committee is at work.  If you want to be part of this signature “Gloria Dei” event, please let Pastor Rodriguez know!

It is with sadness and tears that Pastor Rick and Judy embrace their decision to move on to another church where Pastor Rick can be engaged fully with the entire congregation.  They hope that church will be closer to their grandchildren who are now 2.5 hours away.  Pastor Rick and Judy want all to know that they will be friends of Gloria Dei for life!  If anything is true about Gloria Dei, it is that change keeps coming and coming fast.  These changes have led to a vibrant, growing and impactful ministry that will continue to be essential to this church and its communities.

As we remember the not so distant past of the Rodriguez’s and the five years of the Kremer’s may we all also remember the Civil Rights Movement and all that it has meant to our past, and how its legacy must continue to be alive in the present and our future.

… if you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness… Isaiah 58:10.

Our church has long carried the banner of social justice.  May we continue to remember what that is, and what it means for our daily lives.  Justice is a dictate of our Biblical faith.  May we celebrate that faith with unending hope and certainty.

Pastors Santiago & Rick

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