We are a church SENT into the world

Church is not a walled-off experience, a place solely of inward focus, or of separation, or of selective caring.

Rather, church is a place where we worship, we learn and we change; and, it is this changing that we are to take with us into the world, this broken place where we encounter the pain and suffering of others, the loss and separation of those who are vulnerable, who are dis-abled, dis-comforted, ignored, and alone.

Our Lord reminds us during worship of the new commandment, the one that must be so deeply embedded in us that we ache for want of expressing it; we are to love one another.

That love is not simply to be shared with those who are like us, who have what we have, or those who gather in his name, or those who believe and see things as we do; we are SENT to accompany, to advocate and to love all those strangers, those foreigners, those different and those in need.

We are SENT not because this is how we achieve salvation and eternal life; that gift, that gift of life has already been given to us; there was nothing that we had to do to get it; nothing that we need to do to hold onto it.

It is in profound appreciation of this life-giving gift that we reach out to others, and in our church, we particularly reach out to children; and their parents, and their families.
We are engaged in our communities, working for justice, expecting and looking for it; working and asking for it… every day… every day!

We are SENT into the world; that sending is a blessing and a source of meaning.  We may do what we can to provide food, clothing and shelter, we may try and enrich lives through music and learning, through our work with new immigrants, through the schools and the State house.

We are SENT into the world, to change it.

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