We are serious about SERVING

We are transformed, reinforced, strengthened and enabled in worship… and then, we are SENT.

That SENDING involves our going into the world, the wider community, to make a difference – to show our love of neighbor, to live our faith.

More than ten years ago, Gloria Dei established its Step UP Center…  the means of “outreach” for Gloria Dei.

It is here at the Step UP Center where  our remarkable eleven year old Music School flourishes, providing low cost and high quality music instruction from professional musicians and students – all bilingual.

It is here that our work on immigration is centered, welcoming new immigrants to our community, supporting their learning process, encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency, advocating for them and their families.

It is here that we have provided tutoring of students preparing for college, or needing to improve their academic skills.

It is here that we have provided instruction in English for Spanish Speakers, ESL, and also Spanish for those English speakers seeking a means to learn the Spanish language.

It is here that countless volunteer opportunities reside for people who want their lives to have new meaning, people looking for ways of giving back and excited by making the world a better place.

It is here that we link with other non-profits and faith groups, seeking to have our voice heard in the shaping of the decisions that impact those who are struggling economically, needing jobs, housing, clothing and food.

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