The future is in God’s hands

Dears Brothers and Sisters,  September was a joyful and colorful month. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our International Night. People from the whole world came to show their cultural background through music, food, and dance, clothes and language. Around 26 countries were represented that night. We had people from Europe and Asia, from North America and Africa, from South and Central America and from the Caribbean area. Thank God for the gift of diversity! We want to give thanks to those people who made possible the organization of this great event. Special thanks to Jeanne Johnson who coordinated the work of the volunteer team. Good Job!

Also, we want highlight how strong our partnership with First Lutheran is getting. On September 29th, we came together to listen to the wonderful concert of Pipes and Brass. The selections and performances were excellent. We raised our first seed fund (over $1,500) to make accessible our beautiful sanctuary. We still have long way to get there. But as the Chinese proverb says “to walk the ten thousand miles we have to take the first step” Again we want to give thanks to the “Team Work” from Gloria Dei and First Lutheran who dedicated hours organizing this event. Special thanks to Philip Martorella, Organist and The Greenwich Bay Brass. Let us move forward with the next concert in November.

People of God of Gloria Dei, we have no reason to doubt that the future of Gloria Dei is in God’s hands. The Fall season is the right time to start thinking of our near and long term future. Remember the lesson of the shrewd manager…we can learn from this dishonest manager and worldly wise people about the importance of planning for the future and having a vision for the future. The dishonest manager was very proactive in planning and visioning his future. He might have been content to stay in the present or felt unable to see any future because of being fired by his master. He might have said to himself: “I have no future, all is lost.” However, that was not the case. Rather, he looks ahead, not behind. The dishonest manager doesn’t waste a moment. He acts immediately.

So, I believe what Jesus is teaching us here is that Gloria Dei has the potential to be blessed in many ways by faithful Christians being proactive in planning and visioning for the future. As the manager, we can work more diligently in planning our future.

Let us continue generating new creative ideas on how to build a solid future. The yard sale initiative, los pastelitos, car wash, and other ways to increase our revenues will be very welcome.

By his grace we can plan and vision for that future with enthusiasm and hope, since we trust that we shall be a part of the future; when his kingdom shall come in all of its fullness.

Pastor Santiago

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