Turning the Last Page of Winter

As we turn the last page of winter, we look towards spring with renewed hope. Lent has been a period of reflection and a time to examine the theme of change. As we all look to make positive changes in our lives, the council looks to make positive changes as well. We hope to utilize the newsletter as a way to communicate information from decisions or plans that have been made council meetings. Council meetings are held at the church the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Here are some updates from our last council meeting: Sanctuary Church continues to rent the Sanctuary and has been renting the vestry hall on Thursday evenings in March. We hope to continue this relationship with a long term lease.

Many of you may have noticed the growing brown-black stains on the ceiling in the upstairs hallway. The Eagle Cornice Company, a commercial roofing company in Cranston that started in 1901, came to evaluate our roof and the cause of the leak. They found and patched a hole in the roof where the water was leaking. They also put flashing up around the stained glass window where the flat roof meets the sanctuary where there was also a small leak. Finally, they evaluated the rest of the roof and found it to be in very good condition. Most impressively, Eagle Cornice donated their repair supplies and services to the church free of charge. We give thanks to God for this incredibly generous contribution. We also thank our members, Gerson Lazo and Victor Justo, for their volunteer work replacing all the soiled ceiling tiles. We are blessed!

George Von Keeler has been working with the council on a memorial plaque for Marshall Nordquist. A great deal of thought and energy has gone into the plaque and it will be a beautiful way to remember our friend Marshall.

We have starting making plans for this year’s Glory Days Camp in July. Stay tuned for more information to come!

Lenten Blessings,
Erin Abrahamsen
Gloria Dei Council President


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