What’s in YOUR gift box?

The church liturgical year is over and we are ready to a new journey starting with the season of Advent, the season of waiting. While we are living in between the now and not yet, here at Gloria Dei we are taking seriously what that means to be a good steward. During the two first weeks of December every member/friend of Gloria Dei will have the great opportunity to express in concrete their promises of commitment to the Lord for 2014. The church is like the human body, with each part playing a critical role in the functioning of the body. You have been given gifts (talents, time, bienes (money and goods)) and a key role to play in this church. Every member of this body, working together in unity, in the local area, is called to build the Kingdom of God in the hearts of the city of Providence, in the hearts of men and women.

If you or I chose not to use our God-given gifts, the church – The Body of Christ – will suffer.

Within the local church there is established a ministry of “helps”. What are the “Helps” ministries? That can be anything that needs to be done in the church to form an infrastructure that will make the church operate efficiently and effectively. I thank God for those of this church who are involved in the ministry of Helps.  This church has every gift that is needed in order to function as a biblical community.

You are needed in this church!

What is in your gift box? Open it and use what you have been given.

Pr. Santiago

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